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Wine Club

Handcrafted artisan wines delivered directly to your doorstep!

Join our Wine Club and save 20% on all your favorite wines! You’ll receive 4 seasonally-inspired shipments per year delivered right to your doorstep. Each shipment will contain a minimum of 4 bottles of handcrafted artisan wines, complete with tasting notes and food pairing suggestions.

Once you sign up, your savings start immediately!
Stop by our tasting room for a complementary tasting, and receive your member discounts on all purchases. You can also place orders in our online store between your regular shipments and receive the same benefits (4 bottles minimum purchase to qualify for $10 shipping).

Wine Club Benefits

~  Free Membership  ~
~  20% off all wines  ~
~  10% off gift shop items  ~
~  $10 shipping  ~
~  4 bottles per shipment  ~
~  4 shipments per year  ~
~  Choose your own wines!  ~

Winemaker’s Select Club

Suggested choices will highlight our finest wines, both red and white.  Wines are seasonally themed, with the focus on refreshing whites and rosés during the warmer months, and rich hearty reds to drive away the chill of the long cold winter. All wine orders can be adjusted to include exactly what you request!

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